At 3DTECH, we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest level of service and maintenance, services are offered at many different levels, the key concept is our modular service contract which can be tailored to meet the requirements of individual needs, and which allows clients to choose only those services they require.


  • Regular site visits by a field service engineer identify potential problems and extend equipment life.
  • Equipment is checked, cleaned and configured to ensure that it continues to perform to the highest possible standards.
  • On completion of the preventive maintenance, a report will be provided to the client identifying work has been undertaken and any work that is outstanding.


  • Any products that cannot be repaired on site will be brought back to 3DTECH for bench review or return to manufacturers as required.
  • The product is given priority status, repaired and re-installed as soon as possible.
  • We aim to ensure minimum downtime to the system.