HP Designjet Portfolio

HP Designjet Portfolio - Discover our wide portfolio of advanced and easy-to-use Large Format Printers, Multi-Function Printers, and Scanners for CAD & GIS, Graphics, and Production markets.

HP Mercury Innovation User Experience

Innovative user experience
Eliminate the output clutter—get flat, collated prints thanks to the integrated output stacking tray.

Gain control—monitor media rolls, view printer status on the touchscreen, and track jobs during printing.

Load two paper rolls effortlessly—even when seated—with front loading and automatic paper-roll alignment.

Save space with a compact, 36-inch printer designed with a flat surface for quick checking of your printouts.


HP Mercury Key Features

A new series of videos highlight best-in-class features that make printing with an HP Designjet ePrinter an easy, intuitive experience - not just in your office, but wherever work takes you.